All About Me (A kete of activities)


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Celebrate the uniqueness of your students with these beautiful little kete! They’re bursting full of activities to support them to share the things that are most important to them…

Create your kete, then pick and choose from the following activities to fill your bag. *All activities include a photograph and instruction sequence for ease of assemblage!


Woven Kete

  • Enlarge the kete template included to A3 before colouring, cutting, weaving and assembling. Alternatively, use the ‘Kete toppers’ that included to upcycle a piece of crayon and dye artwork into an eye catching bag


Wallet/Purse & ID card

  • Colour the foldable wallet or purse template with the colours and symbols that represent you before cutting out and gluing.
  • Complete the ID card with facts & stats about you, add your personal thumb print and signature before laminating & popping into your wallet/kete.


Smart Phone

  • Add a silly selfie (photo or portrait) to your smart phone, then fill in the ‘ap’ boxes to show some of your favourite things
  • Glue the template back to back before storing in your bag.


I am unique (Mini booklet)

  • Complete and colour the mini booklet to share some of your strengths, passions & what makes you special before folding and adding to your bag


The story of my name (foldable brochure)

  • What’s the story of your name? How was your name chosen? Was it easy or hard for your parents to pick your name? Are there any family connections in your name?
  • Record your story in the clever foldable template before completing the name challenges


Community Chain

  • Connections to our community can help us to feel supported and strong! What connections do you have to your local area? Are there any connections you’d like to strengthen or add in the future? Connect them all to your chain!


My Whakapapa/genealogy

  • Who do I descend from? Where abouts in the world did they call home?
  • Complete a grand parent whakapapa-wheel by using coloured flags to show where your grandparents called home. *Great-grandparent wheel also included, both will need family input & support to complete
  • These sheets come in 2 versions with wordings of both ‘whanau & whakapapa’ and ‘family & genealogy’


Things to think about – discussion prompts

  • Am I free to be me?
  • Do my words and behaviours support others to be themselves?
  • Do we need to put people into boxes?


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