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I create resources for busy teachers, with a particular focus on the flora, fauna and topics that are important here in Aotearoa.  I pride myself on lovingly handcrafting unique, beautiful & creative Kiwi resources and especially enjoy hand drawing and designing many of my own graphics.

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How did Green Grubs come about?

After finishing my Bachelor of Applied Visual Arts, I was drawn to complete a postgraduate teaching diploma, and before I knew it, I’d completed a decade of teaching at the Primary school level!  It was during maternity leave with my first born that I thought I’d share a few teaching resources, and nek minit…. it all blossomed into a small creative enterprise that continues to evolve.

After taking a break from the classroom to be at home with the kids (Mr 8 & 5 year old twins) I’ve recently returned to school, but this time as a Family Support person which I’m loving. I work with families, children and young adults to try and remove any barriers that are preventing them from shining at school & life.

As well as Green Grubs and my Family Support work, I also coordinate Multiples Whangārei & Northland (a satellite unit of Multiples NZ) which is a volunteer run organisation that offers wrap around support to whānau who are on their twin, triplet or quad journeys. I have the great pleasure of connecting with and supporting twin & triplet families who live anywhere between Wellsford and Cape Reinga.

Green Grubs is named after a lunch time garden club that I ran while teaching, and represents everything I love – nature, fresh air, colour, doing things with your hands and exploring the things that make us special as Kiwis. As a small locally owned business, I really appreciate your support and hope you find something your little learners will enjoy while here.

I look forward to connecting with you via one of my social media channels – thanks so much for popping by!

Cheers, Rosie