Calm Kit & Feelings Slider for Kiwi Kids


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Feeling a bit stressed or anxious?

Step 1) Eat a tub of ice cream – I’d recommend chocolate fudge

Step 2) Use the empty ice cream container to create a mini Balance Box/Calm Kit!

This resource brings a variety of calming activities all together in one place, to create a little portable kit for children to keep at school, take home to share with parents, or bring with them as they move around the school.



A selection of labels to decorate the outside of your ice cream container:

  • Options for the top & sides of your container (some designed to compliment Te Whare Tapa Wha & Zones of Regulation)
  • All labels are perfectly sized to fit an ice cream container – just pick the ones you want and print!
  • Colour, black & white and blank templates included if you’d prefer the kids to colour or create their own
  • Flip your ice cream container lid and…… choose from a selection of 50+ mini calming strategies to personalise your kit (these attach to the inside of your ice cream container lid)

A 50 page mini booklet:

  • This booklet is designed to fit inside your ice cream container, and supports and compliments your teaching and learning a round the topics of mindfulness, emotional regulation, Te whare tapa wha, Zones of regulation, calm down strategies and emotional literacy
  • 50 pages to choose from – mix and match to best suit the needs of individual children and your class focus
  • 2 booklet pages per A4 – every page includes a tiny inspirational quote at the bottom
  • Every A4 page includes a mindfulness colouring strip/bookmark (created when you cut out the booklet pages)


  • The 5 senses – what could you include in your kit that looks, sounds, feels or smells calming?
  • Suggestions of things to make and add to your kits that match the senses (e.g. Hearing – create a playlist of soothing or uplifting music to use when needed; Sight – create a glitter bottle or pinwheel to include in your kits)
  • Things I’m passionate about, my strengths, what I contribute, words to describe me
  • All about me, my happy place, my family and those who love me
  • Being a feelings detective – when did those big feelings sneak up on me? What happened before? Is there a pattern?
  • Explore different breathing techniques
  • Space to record your favourite affirmations, whakatauki and quotes from role models/heroes
  • Korero – talk! How does your family share their emotions? Were your grandparents/parents encouraged to talk about their feelings when younger?
  • Doodle space
  • What’s in your kete of skills?
  • Who are your supports? How do they strengthen us?
  • Where’s a good space for big emotions?
  • Is this a big problem or a small one?
  • What’s going on inside my brain?
  • Write yourself a letter with reminders for tough days
  • Mindfulness prompts – what can you feel, see, hear, touch….


  • This template assembles with some pipe cleaners and beads to make a ‘feelings slider’
  • Your young people can reflect on how their body and mood are feeling and slide the beads and rotate the wheel to share how they’re feeling physically and mentally
  • This includes a blank wheel to allow you to meet the needs of your bilingual children, or to allow your young people to add their own emotions to really personalise it.