New Zealand History Timeline {Wall Frieze}


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Let’s take a moment to walk through NZ’s amazing history together!

The good, the bad and the interesting—it’s all ours… from when Moa and the Haast’s eagle were roaming through our bush, to the arrival of 7 legendary waka from Hawaiki……. Then Abel Tasman & Captain Cook showing up on the scene and the ensuing fast paced changes through the decades. The invention of the buzzy bee and pavlova, the survival of our people through countless natural disasters (including the recent quake in Kaikoura) and the modern changes that the past 100 year have brought with them.

If you’re looking for a simple and eye catching way to review our amazing history, then look no further than this bright and informative classroom wall frieze! Just print and laminate before displaying on your classroom wall or filing into a folder for easy reference. Read a few facts a day during roll call, and by the end of the year your class will have been exposed to countless new and interesting ideas about how we’ve all arrived at this point together…


50 page NZ history timeline including:

• 240 important events in NZ history (from 85 million years ago when NZ split off from Gondwanaland, through to our projected population of 5 million in 2030!)

• Each page is brightly illustrated to match the facts – perfect for supporting all levels of learners

• Facts are presented in simple child speak where possible

• Dates from 85 million years ago through to the 1800s, are listed in varying time spans depending on when they occurred

• Facts from 1810-2030 are grouped into 5 year time spans (1810, 1815, 1820, 1825 ec.)

• The time line is filled with cultural events (Māori and European); the development of NZ through colonisation; a record of major natural disasters; important NZ firsts and items of Kiwiana significance. It contains limited sporting dates (e.g. basic rugby world cup facts) and DOES NOT contain any references to historic crimes (apart from the NZ and world wars).

• This pack also contains a blank black & white timeline template to allow your class to create or illustrate their own timelines

PLEASE NOTE, no timeline can contain all the juicy tidbits from Aotearoa’s past – if I’m missing something you consider important, please let me know! I’m happy to add additional facts.