Reading WALTs – Learning Intention Wall Display {Birds in Nests}


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Looking for a more engaging way to introduce, use and display the ever present WALTs for your reading groups? 

This bright and engaging wall display is the perfect way to support your student’s retention of their reading goals! Assemble your large tree on the wall right next to the area where you take your reading groups – this makes for easy referral to the current Learning Intentions, and also for revisiting the skills already covered.

The LIs have been broken down into small ‘child speak’ WALTs to allow for targeted teaching and learning—perfect for PM reading levels 0-22 (Magenta through to Gold). Child speak WALTs for the Reading Progressions have also been included, which cover ‘by the end of years 4, 6 & 8’. This resource has been designed to complement the New Zealand curriculum, but the skills involved would work well for anyone learning to read!

Creating and assembling your class tree and individual birds is a perfect ‘first week of school/term’ activity, and really helps your class to take ownership of their reading progress. The display also makes a memorable and child friendly reference during student lead conferences or parent interviews.

Please check out the preview for a closer look at the resources in this pack! Included in this resource are: 

• Top tips for assembling your Reading tree – suggested use, assemblage advice and examples of how the wall display could look
• A selection of ‘title pages’ to display next to your tree (“New learning hatching here daily”, “Check out our eggcellent learning” & “What’s your nest (next) step?”
• Reading group nests (2 sizes) & banners for labelling group nests
• A tree inspiration sheet (plus ideas about how your class could construct your tree)
• 16 black and white bird templates (children can design their own, or colour and decorate the outlines included) for perching around your group nests
• Blank egg covers (for covering LI’s that are not yet a focus)
• 15 child speak WALTs for PM Emergent levels 0-2 (Magenta) in the shape of eggs to include in your group nests
• 25 child speak WALTs for PM Early levels 3-14 (Red, Yellow, Blue & Green) in the shape of eggs to include in your group nests
• Child speak WALTs for PM Fluent levels 15-22 (Orange, Turquoise, Purple & Gold) in the shape of eggs to include in your group nests
• Child speak WALTs for the Reading Progression indicators (‘at the end of Years 4, 6 & 8’) in the shape of eggs to include in your group nests
• Blank WALT eggs so you can record your own specific WALTs (both printable blank template and editable word version included

Can’t see the specific WALT you’re looking for? Let me know – I’m happy to include more to meet your needs.

Love this display idea but would prefer a different theme or topic? (e.g space rockets around planets; dinosaurs around volcanoes; butterflies around flowers) Let me know – I’m always happy to consider your requests!  ***THIS RESOURCE IS ALSO AVAILABLE IN A BEE HIVE THEME!***