Ruru Morepork Owl {Make & Do Activity Pack}


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The nocturnal Ruru is a small, dark, forest-dwelling owl (also known as a ‘Boobook in Australia) It is famous for its distinctive “more-pork” call!

This pack has been assembled to celebrate this amazingly unique native bird! If you’re lucky enough to be teaching or learning in a whanau group/syndicate team/pod or hub which bears its name, then you’re in for a treat.

This Ruru/Morepork ‘make & do’ pack includes:

  • A mini ‘one-cut-book’ which contains little Ruru related fun facts and research tasks
  • A ‘keywords & colouring’ sheet containing a list of keywords to research, small colouring sheet, and 6 challenges e.g: The Morepork can turn their head through 270 degrees! What’s normal for a human? Use protractor to measure and compare the differences. Ruru have soft fringes on their wing edges. What are their purpose? This page cleverly folds to reveal the Ruru’s full name when the sheet is complete.
  • A template for a Ruru paper hand puppet for the kids to colour, assemble and have fun with!
  • A Morepork fact file containing basic information about its common names, threats & conservation status
  • An ‘I wonder’ task card containing 3 Ruru themed questions designed to prompt some deeper thinking about this unique bird and its habits.
  • A coloured Ruru picture card
  • *All of the foldable activities come with a supporting photograph sequence so you can see how the activities are assembled and used