Tide Pools {Fun & facts about the Rocky Shore}


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This 48 page mini booklet pack is designed to support your classroom discussions around beach conservation and tide pools. Packed full of a wide variety of activities, it’s the perfect booklet to use before during and after your trip to the beach!


Tide pool sequencing cards:

  • 20 ‘Tide Pool’ sequencing cards showing common tide pool creatures and their common names in English & Māori (in color).
  • Print, laminate and cut before using to support the children to demonstrate basic food chain principles or for grouping and sorting activities.
  • Tide Pool cards include: seagull, sea snail, sea urchin, mussels, hermit crab, anemone, sea crab, sea slug, starfish/sea-star, barnacle, shrimp, shellfish, seaweed, lobster, octopus, chiton, limpet, fish, whelk & sand dollar.

48 page Tide Pool Booklet ~ page topics include:

  • What is a tide/rock pool? Basic information & facts
  • My rock pool 5 senses recording template (I see, I feel, I smell etc.)
  • Instructions for 4 creative activities (make an underwater viewer, create your own rock pool, make a map & paper plate rock pool)
  • The temperature of my rock pool – why is this so important to the creatures that live there?
  • What is salinity and why does it matter?
  • Hold on tight! How do creatures in rock pools not get swept away?
  • As hard as rock – most creatures in tide pools have an exoskeleton – why?
  • What angle does the light shine into your tide pool, and how does this affect what lives there?
  • Sediment and oxygen – how they can impact tide pools
  • RESPECT! Rules to help keep tide pools in pristine condition
  • What predators to the creatures that live in rock pools have?
  • What are the different vertical zones on a beach? Who lives in what zone?
  • A rock pool can/has/is graphic organizer template
  • Tidal! How does the moon effect tide pools?
  • Healthy seas – choose one of the included quotes to inspire a poster or artwork
  • Can you translate these keywords into another language?
  • Does your culture have any myths or legends about the ocean?
  • Rock pool true or false (plus answers
  • A selection of beach/rock pool themed coloring pages
  • Adjectives – how many can you record to describe your tide pool?
  • Trace me! Space to trace your best shelly finds…
  • The Ocean gives us so many things! Brainstorm the importance of the ocean to you and your family
  • Pollution… visible and invisible and its impact on our tide pools
  • Name 3 people who have….. (fallen asleep listening to the waves; who have picked up some garbage from the beach, who have seen a starfish etc.
  • Compare and contrast Compare and contrast 2 tide pools that are in different zones on the beach. What is the same about them? What is different?
  • Beach scavenger hunt (Find a round seashell, collect 10 shells and arrange them in order of size, smallest to biggest, identify the high tide line etc.)
  • Rainbow beach! Did you know sand can be many different colors? Use a magnifying glass to study the different grains of sand
  • Camouflage – why is it needed by some rock pool creatures?
  • Things to think about (If you could be a creature that lives in a tide pool, which would you choose to be and why? Etc.)
  • Add the vowels to complete the rock pool themed words (plus answers)
  • Tide pool themed word find (plus answers)
  • Silly tide pool themed jokes!
  • 10 rock pool themed challenges (e.g. Create a 3D sculpture of a creature that lives in a rock pool; What are the common or local names for some of the creatures that live in your tide pool? What are the scientific names? What does ‘beach combing mean? Find out and do some! Etc.
  • Rock Pool themed acrostic poem template
  • Tangaroa – God of the sea! Find book in your library that features Tangaroa. After reading, illustrate and label your favourite part of the story
  • Toiora te Moana, Toiora te Tangata – healthy seas, healthy people! The sea is an important part of our WELL BEING. Add some keywords give some examples for each heading…
  • Yum – Kai Moana! What’s your favourite seafood dish?
  • We can all be Kaitiaki (guardians) of our oceans. What 3 small things could you do to make a difference?