V = Volcano {Kiwiana Themed ‘Make & Take’ Alphabet Set}


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Maori have many myths and legends about New Zealand’s volcanoes. What’s the story of your local puia? (volcano)


Are you looking for a more in depth resource about New Zealand’s volcanoes? You might want to have a peek at our “New Zealand’s Volcanoes {Our place in the Ring of Fire}”.


This V = Volcano activity set includes:

• A volcano cone template to colour, cut and assemble

• 2 different volcanic plumes to add to the top of your volcano – choose the one that best suits the needs in your class

• 1 volcanic plume contains the names of some of Aotearoa’s most well-known volcanoes: Ruapehu, Whakaari (White Island), Rangitoto, Tarawera, Ngāuruhoe, Tongariro, Pīhanga & Taranaki. The children can colour the names in as they locate them on a map of NZ

• 1 volcanic plume contains 8 mini research challenges for older children to complete (e.g “Did you know that NZ lies within the Pacific Ring of Fire? What is the Pacific Ring of Fire & what’s a ‘submarine’ volcano?”; “Mt Taranaki, Tongariro, Pīhanga & Ngāuruhoe all play an important role in a well known Māori legend. Can you find out which one?” “If you visit Tūhua (Mayor Island in the Bay of Plenty) you can find obsidian formed from rhyolite lava. What is obsidian?” Children can colour, curl or fold the strips as they complete the challenges

• This activity includes a supporting photograph sequence so you can see how the activity is used and assembled, plus the completed product

• Also included is a ’bookmark’ style strip of paper on the lefthand side of the sheet that matches the activity and letter being focused on—perfect for slipping into the kid’s book bag at the end of the day to support them to share their learning when they take their creations home


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