Blood Suckers! {fleas, ticks, bed-bugs, mosquitoes, vampire bats + more}


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Did you know that bed-bugs have the distinctive smell of rotting raspberries? Sniffer dogs can be trained to hunt for that smell!

Are you looking for a different approach to covering Halloween in your class this year? For maximum engagement, you can’t look past this 48 page Blood Sucking booklet! Packed full of lots of ‘icky’ facts + information on some of our most loathed blood suckers, it’s the perfect blend of gory and gross! A great activity to keep your early finishers busy…


Topics covered in the booklet include: 

• Blood drinkers – who and why?
• Fancy blood sucking words (Hematophagy, anticoagulant, phlebotomy)
• Facts about blood
• Rainbow blood – oxygenated haemoglobin is what makes human blood red, but did you know that some animals have blood that is mustard yellow, green, blue and pinky-violet?
• Blood facts true or false questions (+ answers)
• Blood sucking creatures true or false questions (+answers)
• Blood dishes from different cultures around the world (facts + mapping activity)
• Add the vowels to complete the blood sucking themed words
• Blood suckers acrostics poem template
• A selection of blood suckers themed coloring pages
• Blood sucking themed word find
• Blood sucking creature jokes
• Plus more….

• 2 page flea ‘fact file’ + themed challenges
• Fleas are from the family ‘siphonaptera’. What does siphon mean? (Dictionary activity)
• Fleas can jump more than 100 times their own height! How high could you jump if you were a flea? (Measuring activity)

• 2 page tick ‘fact file’ + themed challenges
• Design a tick safety poster to inform others
• Ticks are arachnids! Find another 8 legged arachnid to sketch

• 2 page bed-bug ‘fact file’ + themed challenges
• Did you know that bed-bugs come in several different colors? (Coloring activity)
• Goodnight, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite! (Diagram drawing activity)

• 2 page vampire bat ‘fact file’ + themed challenges
• Did you know there are 3 types of vampire bat species? Use your imagination to draw a picture of a ‘hairy legged’ vampire bat and a ‘white winged’ vampire bat
• Add a picture of yourself to the vampire bat wings to create batman or bat-woman

• 2 page mosquito ‘fact file’ + themed challenges
• Did you know mosquitoes beat their wings 300-600 times PER SECOND? How many times can you flap your arms in 1 minute?
• Did you know mosquitoes are a type of fly? Compare and contrast a mosquito to a common house fly

• 2 page vampire finch ‘fact file’ + themed challenges
• Read and draw activity (read the description of the male and female vampire finches appearance and use the information to draw)
• Did you know that the scientific name for a vampire finch is “Geospiza difficilis septentrionalis?” How would you pronounce that?

• 2 page leech ‘fact file’ + themed challenges
• What are the dictionary meanings for the word ‘leech?’ record and draw
• Did you know that leeches are a type of worm? Compare and contrast a leech to a common garden worm