Bubble Bubble! {Fun and facts about bubble blowing}


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Did you know that the world record for the longest bubble ever blown is 105-foot-long! (32 metres)

This 38 page ‘fun and facts’ Bubble booklet is jammed full of hands on activities and interesting learning experiences…… they’re just bursting to be explored!

  • What ingredients go into making successful bubble mixtures and what does each individual ingredient do?
  • Bubble blowing true or false questions (+ answers)
  • How big would you estimate the circumference of your biggest bubble to be? Use some string to make a guess
  • Design a wand to blow your bubbles with
  • Basic recipe for blowing BIG bubbles and instructions on how to construct a giant bubble blowing wand
  • Multiple places for recording and planning your own secret bubble recipes…
  • Did you know that when you blow a bubble, the colors you see follow an ordered pattern? They start off blue or green then…..
  • A selection of bubble themed coloring pages
  • Label the diagram of a bubble to show the layers of soap/water/soap/air
  • Add the vowels to complete the bubble themed words
  • Create some bubble art using bubble mixture and food coloring
  • Multiple places for sketching what you can see in your bubbles and places to include photographs
  • Bubble blowing themed word find
  • If the walls on your bubble have thick and thin parts the colors on your bubble will swirl! Record what you can see on your bubble….
  • Bubble facts (e.g. Lots of bubbles joined together is called FOAM! Bubbles pop when the water between the layers of soap evaporates. Glycerin or glucose corn syrup mixes with the soap to make the layer thicker. This stops the water from evaporating as quickly, so they last longer. Soap has been made for many thousands of years! Babylonians invented soap in around 2800 B.C.)
  • How far can your bubble float before bursting or disappearing?
  • World record bubble blowing facts
  • Look closely at your bubble and then color the artists palette to match what you can see
  • 4 mini bubble blowing activity cards: e.g. How to make a ‘bubble snake’ using an old sock; how to blow hand wash bubbles using your fingers; How to blow a ‘lid bubble’ and poke it with something sharp without it popping!
  • Basic explanation of the ‘minimal surface theory’ and why it’s the one main rule that bubbles follow!
  • 10 Bubble related fun challenges e.g. enjoy a relaxing BUBBLE BATH! Do some dancing, twirling, clapping and karate chopping of bubbles in time to some music; what is the word for ‘bubble’ in another language? Learn two new words etc.
  • Acrostic poem template
  • Use a magnifying glass to look closely at whipped cream or mousse….. Can you see the bubbles?
  • Records some bubble related key words
  • Silly bubble themed jokes! Plus more…..