Matariki {Resources for LOWER Primary}


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Our popular Matariki resource is now more accessible for our lower primary learners!

This 40 page A4 pack is designed to support your classroom discussions about Matariki celebrations. It was created to address the lack of easy to use resources for LOWER primary aged children – you can mix and match from the large selection of pages to best meet the needs of your class. Many of the pages and activities in this pack are easily adapted for differing abilities – complete as a whole class mini lesson, with a buddy or in small groups.

 Included in this resource are:

• One cut mini book (plus instructions) containing basic facts about Matariki
• 6 class challenges to complete – Find out who in the class has a birthday in May or June. Whose birth date is the closest to Matariki? Use your imaginations to each decorate a star. Arrange your stars into a class ‘constellation.’
• Matariki scavenger hunt
• Matariki Can/Has/Is writing template
• Matariki true or false questions (plus answers)
• A selection of Matariki themed colouring pages
• Add the vowels to complete these Matariki themed words
• Simple Matariki themed word finds (one with 6 words, one with 9)
• Matariki themed acrostic poem template
• How many new words can you make out of the word Matariki?
• A selection of Matariki themed writing templates
• Match the Matariki words to their ‘word shapes’
• Draw 7 stars in the number 7 or 9 stars in the number 9! Also included are facts about the Matariki constellation
• How do you draw stars? Use a ruler to complete the star patterns and then draw your own…
• Find 3 people who….. can spell Matariki, who can tell you what moths Matariki is celebrate in…. who has flown a kite etc.
• Information about how and where to find the Matariki constellation in the night sky
• Conservation and respect for nature are big themes around Matariki. What could you do to help the environment where you live?
• Matariki is a time to focus on the importance of family and to share and pass family stories on. Draw a picture of your whanau doing their favourite family activity
• Use highlighters to match the Matariki stars to their Māori names
• Connect the dots (stars) in the Matariki constellation and use your imagination to create a new shape or drawing!
• Matariki is a time to celebrate a good harvest. How do you like to party? Draw your favourite party foods, music and dance moves
• Pākau! Māori flew kites around Matariki as they were thought to bring them closer to the stars. Draw your own kite design
• Matariki is a time for setting goals for the New Year. Record your goals…
• 10 Matariki challenges (e.g. have a sleep over with your family – under the stars, in a tent or in your own lounge! Share family stories. Create a Matariki themed artwork etc.)
• 22 Matariki themed vocabulary cards (in colour) perfect for adding to your wall display! Words include: Matariki, Pleiades, Constellation/Kāhui Whetu, Māori New Year/Matariki, New Moon/Kōhiti, May/June/Haki-Haratua/Pipiri, Aotearoa/New Zealand, Winter/Hōtoke, Star/Whetu, Celebration/Whakahari, Reflection, Goal setting, Planning, Harvesting, Planting, Whanau/Family, Whakapapa/Genealogy, Marama/Moon, Pākau/Kite, Puanga/Rigel (the star), Ranginui/Sky Father, Papatūānuku/Earth Mother