SILKWORMS – Fuzzy moths and silky-worms! {Fun and facts booklet}


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Did you know that silk is actually the hardened SALIVA of silkworms?

This 42 page ‘fun and facts’ mini booklet is designed to celebrate and broaden your knowledge about the life of a silkworm! Perfect as an independent activity booklet, or to support your studies of the silkworm life cycle, it’s bound to contain some intriguing new facts to impress all members of your class…

42 page Silkworm Booklet ~ page topics include: 

• How long is a silkworm’s thread? Walk and map the distance
• Have a go at drawing a cocoon in the same manner as a silkworm spins it (without taking your pencil off the paper!)
• Silkworm True or False questions (and answers)
• Illustrating the life cycle of the silkworm
• Did you know that many other insects also produce silk at different stages of their life cycle?
• How big is your silkmoth? Measure and draw a life sized picture
• YUM! Silkworm pupae food facts from around the world (did you know that in Japan they’re enjoyed boiled in sweet and sour sauce?)
• Silkworm facts in numbers (e.g. How long does it take silkmoth eggs to hatch? How many times do the larvae molt etc.)
• Research and read the Chinese legend about how silk was discovered then draw an illustration to match
• Silkworm and silkmoth anatomy labelling
• Add to the graph to track the growth of your silkworm
• Silkworm maze
• Add the vowels to complete the silkworm words
• Where did silk originate? (historical mapping activity)
• Sketch or trace a mulberry leaf
• Silkworm facts (e.g. did you know that the adult silkmoth has no mouth?)
• Color the palette to show the colors you can see on your silkworm/moth
• Silkworm word find
• The sound of silkworm feet sounds like gentle rain! How would you spell the sound (onomatopoeia challenge)
• Silkworm acrostic poem template
• Sketching silk fabric
• 10 silkworm challenges (e.g. Can you act out the life cycle of a silkworm? Watch a silkworm make a cocoon; write a story to explain why silkworms make such soft, strong and beautiful thread etc.)
• What types of fabrics can be made of silk?
• Make a tiny silk thread to glue into your booklet without harming your pupae or cocoon
• Lucky number 13! Did you know that silkworm larvae have 13 segments? Plus facts about spiracles
• Did you know that larvae have ‘real’ legs and ‘false’ ones?
• Use a magnifying glass to study some silk fabric – record some adjectives 
• What do these ‘fancy’ silkworm words mean? (IMAGO, LARVAE & INSTARS)
• Would you want to be a silkworm? The pros and cons…
• How 5000 years of domestication has affected the modern silkworm
• Recording silkworm keywords 
• Silkworm coloring page
• Use a camera to take a close up picture of some silk fabric, your silkworm or silkmoth