Cicada Celebration! {An activity booklet about the cicada life cycle}


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Feeling peckish? A cicada skewer might be just what you’re looking for! Did you know the females are prized for being more meaty?

This 46 page ‘fun and facts’ mini booklet is designed to immerse you in all thing celebrating the humble but noisy cicada! This pack also includes beautiful close up photographs of cicadas to help you get up close and personal to this fascinating insect…..

46 page cicada celebration mini booklet ~ page topics include: 

• Cicada shells – hints and tips for collecting, storing, decorating and wearing them!
• Global cicada mapping task
• What’s the difference between ‘Annual’ and ‘Periodical’ cicadas? Where do they live?
• Cicada True or False questions (and answers)
• Using string and rulers to measure out the world’s biggest cicada (it has a wing span of 20cm!)
• Illustrating and sequencing the life cycle of the cicada
• What’s a rostrum? (How cicadas drink)
• Cicada facts in numbers (how many eggs does the female lay; how many species have been named so far etc.)
• YUM! Cicadas! Food facts from around the world
• How do they make that noise? (description and explanation about the difference between how cicadas and crickets make noise)
• Label the cicada (both adult and nymph)
• Cicada adjectives
• Selection of cicada coloring sheets
• Add the vowels to complete the cicada themed words
• Cicada maze
• What colors can you see on your cicada with a magnifying glass? Fill in the color palette
• Interesting facts (did you know that the name ‘Cicada’ is a direct derivation of the Latin word, meaning “tree cricket”?)
• Cicada word find
• How would you spell the sound that cicadas make? Listen carefully and record
• Cicada acrostic poem template
• Sketching the wings and shell
• Facts about the noises they make
• Did you know cicada actually have 5 eyes? (Ocelli)
• 10 cicada themed challenges (e.g. Can you act out the life cycle of the cicada from egg to flying insect? Make 3 fake Ocelli to wear on top of your head! Take a photo for your booklet etc.)
• Records they key words you learned about this topic
• Use a camera to zoom in and take a close up picture of a cicada shell
• Take a photo of yourself ‘wearing’ a cicada shell for your booklet
• Complete the picture to show what you think the nymphs are doing underground for so long
• Plus more!