SNAILS! {Fun & facts about terrestrial & aquatic snails & slugs}


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Did you know that garden snails can have thousands of teeth on their TONGUES?! Come and learn some more about the cheeky gastropods that have been nibbling your veggies! Terrestrial, fresh water and marine snails and slugs are all included in this 40 page ‘fun and facts’ Super Snail booklet!

40 page Super Snails Booklet ~ page topics include: 

• What’s a gastropod? The differences and similarities between slugs and snails
• Mapping global snail cuisine facts on a world map
• Snail life cycle sequencing activities
• Using string to measure of the sizes of the biggest terrestrial, fresh water and marine snails in the world
• Snail facts true or false questions (plus answers)
• Snail maze
• Complete a ‘fact file’ on your local snail species
• Things to think about – why do you think snails need so many teeth? What animals might prey on snails etc.
• A snail can/has/is graphic organizer
• Snail vocabulary alphabetical ordering activity
• Selection of snail coloring pages
• Add the vowels to complete these gastropod words (plus the answer sheets)
• Can you use your imagination to add bodies on to the crazy snail shells?
• Where do snails live?
• Use a camera to zoom in and take a close up shot of your snail
• Snail word find
• How many clues can you find in your garden that snails are nearby?
• Add colors to the palette to show all the colors you can see on your snail
• What are your snail’s favourite foods? Record the top 5…
• Snails can travel upside down! What would you do if you could travel upside down?
• How does your fresh water snail get air?
• Silly snail and slug jokes
• Did you know that most snail shells curve to the right in a clockwise direction? Observation and sketching activity
• Use a magnifying glass to study and sketch your snail (focus on tentacles and shells
• Snail facts page (Terrestrial, marine and fresh water snail facts included
• Acrostic poem template
• Snail anatomy labelling 
• 10 snail challenges (e.g. go outside at night with a torch, how many nocturnal snails can you spot? Have a look in your garden for a silvery ‘snail trail’. Find someone who has tried escargot etc.)