Waitangi Day {An activity booklet about the Treaty for Kiwi kids}


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Did you know that there are actually 9 copies of the Treaty of Waitangi? They travelled the country after the initial signing in Waitangi on the 6th February 1840 collecting more than 500 signatures!

This 48 page mini booklet pack is designed to support your classroom discussions about the Treaty of Waitangi. It was created to address the lack of easy to use resources for primary aged children in New Zealand – you can mix and match from the large selection of pages to best meet the needs of your class.

Included in the 48 page Let’s Learn about Waitangi Day booklet:

• The Treaty of Waitangi – a basic overview plus the 3 Treaty articles
• Information about the date the treaty was signed – how many years ago was it? How old will you be at the 200 year anniversary commemorations etc.
• A basic time line of events from pre 1840 onwards
• The traveling Treaty – after the initial signing in Waitangi, the treaty travelled south to collect more signatures. Map the locations where they stopped
• New Zealand’s official flags – information and colour by number activity for: The flag of the United Tribes of New Zealand, The current NZ flag & the Māori Tino Rangatiratanga flag. Use the template provided to design your own flag for NZ that you think would best represent NZ and all its people
• Fire! Did you know the treaties were nearly burned in a fire in 1841, and were then damaged through poor storage? How would you protect the Treaty?
• Where is England in relation to NZ? Where is Waitangi in NZ? Mapping challenge
• How do you spend Waitangi day?
• Sails! Did you know the Treaty was signed in a tent in Waitangi? The tent was made from ships sails! Sketch the Treaty signing scene
• Waitangi day true or false questions (plus answers)
• Some Maori Chiefs signed the Treaty with their moko patterns. How do you sign your name? What symbol would you choose to represent you?
• Waitangi facts in numbers (e.g. how many people visit the Treaty grounds every year? 100,000!)
• Draw a map of the Treaty Grounds
• Facts about the Treaty House & Te Whare Runanga (1 page each)
• Do you understand all the Māori words used in the booklet? Use a Maori dictionary to look up and record the ones you’re unsure of
• Māori Whakatauki (proverb)
• Add the vowels to complete these Waitangi themed words
• Waitangi day – controversy or celebration?
• Waitangi themed word find
• Things to think about……Why do you think some Māori Chiefs refused to sign the treaty? Would you have signed it? What do you think people will be doing on Waitangi day 100 years from now?
• Waitangi themed acrostic poem template
• 10 Waitangi challenges (e.g. watch some Waitangi Day celebrations or protests on television; find and talk with someone who has visited the Treaty grounds at Waitangi; design a poster that will encourage your classmates to reflect on the past and then enjoy the day; Research your family history in Aotearoa. Use the information to create a family tree)
• What questions do you have about Waitangi Day? Record your ‘open’ questions and find an expert to answer them!
• Flying the flags! Sketch the Waitangi Flagstaff and add the NZ flags of your choice
• Blank lined pages for recording your thoughts
• A selection of Waitangi themed colouring sheets
• This resource includes a Mini wall poster (We’re learning about Waitangi Day) – perfect for enlarging to A3 and using as part of your wall display (in black and white and colour)