Waka & Hoe/Paddle Clip Art


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From tree trunk to completed Waka Taua, this massive clip art set includes everything waka related you can imagine! Use the pre-assembled groupings of waka and paddlers, or mix and match the pieces to create your own personalised waka…

This set contains 150+ images (75 colour and 82 blackline) as high quality (300 dpi) PNGs with transparent backgrounds.


*PLEASE NOTE: This set of images have all been hand drawn and coloured, and because of this may contain quirks and unevenness in places – this is all part of their unique charm and character! As they are hand drawn, they may not be suitable for including in documents larger than A4 size. Please ask if you have further questions.


• A selection of different empty waka
• 4 Waka Taua full of paddlers
• 10 paddlers (5 with paddles up & 5 with paddles down, both individually & in groups)
• 2 Rangatira
• Mix and match waka pieces to design your own waka (4 stern, 4 prow + 1 hull)
• 8 patterned hoe/paddles in colour & black and white (+ 8 plain outlined ones in blackline only – perfect to use as templates for the kids to design their own patterns)
• Maui’s waka and his fish (the North & South Island of Aotearoa)
• Waka anchor, water bailer and rope
• 4 trees traditionally used for waka construction
• 5 traditional waka carving tools
• 4 traditional waka taua decorations (feather streamers that hang from the stern and feather rings for the prows)
• Waka supplies – baskets of kumara, yams, taro and coconuts, livestock (chickens and dogs) water gourds, Oceanic start chart & traditional Polynesian tide/current/ocean map
• A water front scene (one empty and one with a waka on the shore)
• 3 items specific to the Te Arawa waka legend (a red headdress, a pohutukawa flower and shark kaitiaki) ***Does your iwi have items of particular significance to your waka legend that aren’t included here? Let me know – I’m happy to consider adding additional pieces!***

• Get creative with this set for your classroom or own personal use!
• Use them to create educational resources for sale (small commercial use)
• Use clip art within your blog, banners and promotional materials.

• You may not alter, resell, share or distribute these ‘as is’ images in any form— they need to incorporated into your resource.
• Use these graphics for commercial teaching products or free items WITHOUT FIRST FLATTENING your documents in PDF form or protected in a way that they cannot be easily copied or extracted.
• When you purchase Green Grubs Graphics, you are not purchasing the copyright and you cannot claim them as your own.


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