Anzac Day {An activity booklet for Kiwi & Aussie Kids}


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Did you know that ‘Diggers’ often enjoy a ‘Gunfire Breakfast’ after early morning Dawn Parades? (A gunfire-breakfast is coffee and rum!) Immerse your class in the rich history of Anzac Day to support their understanding of this important annual commemoration…

This 56 page mini booklet pack is designed to support your classroom discussions about Anzac Day. It was created to address the lack of easy to use resources for primary aged children – you can mix and match from the large selection of pages to best meet the needs of your class. (*Suitable for both the New Zealand and Australian classroom!)

54 page Let’s Learn about Anzac Day Booklet ~ page topics include:

• What is Anzac day, and what do the letters stand for?
• Information about ‘The Ode’, the ‘Last Post’, ‘Flanders Fields’ and the ‘Anzac Memorial’ poem
• The date that Anzac day is commemorated on
• A brief history of Anzac day 1915-2015 (including the 100th anniversary commemorations in Gallipoli)
• Mapping challenge – can you locate and mark Australia, New Zealand and Turkey on the map?
• Yum! Information about the history of Anzac biscuits – plus some myth busting about where and when they were eaten!
• Who invented the Anzac biscuit? Australia or New Zealand?
• Record your favourite Anzac biscuit recipe and then compare and contrast to the traditional bikkie recipe
• Prepare some interview questions to ask a returned serviceman or woman. Record your interview to share with an audience
• True and false questions about Anzac Day (plus answers)
• A selection of Anzac themed colouring pages
• Interview a returned service man or woman. What adjectives would they use to describe their experiences overseas?
• What is a wreath?
• What do RSA and RSL stand for? Why are they so important to returned servicemen and women?
• What do these words mean? Lest (lest we forget) Cenotaph, Armistice day etc. Use a dictionary to find out their meanings.
• Does your family have any wartime photos?
• Add the vowels to complete the Anzac themed words
• Add a little cartoon picture to match the Anzac facts (e.g. Did you know the word CORPS is pronounced like the word apple-CORE?)
• Anzac themed word find
• Anzac date maths – How many years away is the 200th anniversary? How old will you be when the 150th anniversary is occurring etc.
• What/who is ‘Digger’ and what qualities do they possess?
• Anzac day sports – a modern tradition!
• “My Ancestor” fact-file – what was their name, when were they born, what’s their story…..
• A selection of places to include photographs or sketches
• AUS & NZ – Anzacs together! What are the differences and similarities in the way we mark Anzac day?
• Things to think about…….Sometimes people who have served overseas don’t like to talk about their experiences when they return home. Why do you think that is? How could you best record the memories and experiences of someone special in your family so that others can learn from them etc.
• Anzac day scavenger hunt
• Why do Australia and New Zealand both have the Union jack on their flags and what does this have to do with Anzac day? Colour the flags.
• Information about the symbolism and history of red poppies – find and sketch
• Information about where and when medals can be worn, and by whom
• Study and sketch your local war memorial
• A selection of Anzac themed blank writing templates
• Plus more…