Anzac Day {Resources for LOWER Primary}


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Our popular Anzac day resource is now also more accessible for our lower primary learners! 

This 30+ page A4 pack is designed to support your classroom discussions about Anzac Day. It was created to address the lack of easy to use resources for LOWER primary aged children (Years 0,1 & 2) You can mix and match from the large selection of pages to best meet the needs of your class. Many of the pages and activities in this pack are easily adapted for differing abilities – complete as a whole class mini lesson, with a buddy or in small groups.

 Included in this resource are:

• One cut mini book (plus instructions) containing basic facts about Anzac day.
• What do the letters in the word ANZAC stand for? Trace and print handwriting sheet
• Information about the date Anzac is celebrated + Anzac themed class challenges (e.g. how many people in your class have been to an Anzac day parade or ceremony? Use a local map to locate your closest war memorial. Go online to find and listen to ‘The Last Post.’ How does it make you feel? Share your thoughts…)
• Anzac day scavenger hunt
• Compare and contrast Anzac biscuit recipes + brief history of Anzac bikkies
• Cut and paste the pictures to match the Anzac day facts (2 versions – text & keywords)
• Selection of themed colouring pages
• Find and sketch some poppies + brief history of their significance to Anzac day
• Family photos – share and closely look at family wartime photos. What can we learn?
• Colour me – NZ & AUS flags. Why do both flags have the Union Jack in the top left hand corner? What does this have to do with war?
• What is a wreath? Find and sketch
• A selection of themed writing/drawing pages
• ‘My Ancestor’ fact recording sheet
• Anzac day Can/Has/Is writing template
• Anzac day true or false questions (plus answers)
• Add the vowels to complete these Anzac themed words (plus answers)
• How do you spend Anzac day? Write or draw response
• Simple Anzac themed word finds (one with 6 words, one with 9, answer sheets included)
• Anzac themed acrostic poem template
• 10 Anzac themed challenges (e.g. contribute to making a class wreath; talk to your parents and wider family about their experiences of war; spend some time looking through photos and talking with someone who has experienced wartime)
• Things to think about – Has anyone in your family been to war, or lived during war times in their country? How could we best record their stories and what they’ve learnt from their experiences? Why do you think countries go to war? What could we do to prevent this?
• The top 3 reasons why we’re so lucky to live in our country are…….
• How many new words can you make out of the words Australia & New Zealand?
• What questions do you have about Anzac Day? Record your ‘open’ questions and find an expert or visitor to answer them!