Praying Mantis Madness! {Fun & Facts about the Mantodea order}


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Praying Mantis Madness!

There’s a lot more to this fascinating insect than its infamous cannibalizing ways! Did you know that a praying mantis egg case is called an OOTHECA? Or that they only have 1 ear? Packed full of interesting and unusual mantid activities, this is the perfect booklet pack to support your current praying/preying mantis unit or to provide engaging learning experiences for your early finishers…

Included are:

• Praying Mantis photographs

• Praying mantis life cycle sequencing worksheets (in black and white and color)

40 page Praying Mantid Madness Booklet ~ page topics include:

• Information about the praying mantis ootheca (egg case)

• Praying mantis true or false questions (plus answers)

• Add sentences to match the pictures of the praying mantis life cycle

• Information about praying mantis coloring and camoflage

• Who’s who? Information about the other insects that are part of the dictyoptera super order (cockroaches and termites)

• A praying mantis word find

• Complete the “A praying mantis has/is/can” sheet

• Label the external anatomy of a praying mantis

• Add the vowels to complete the praying mantis words

• Did you know the female of the largest species in the world can reach 12 inches (30cm long?!) Measuring challenge

• Meet the locals – record your local mantis species

• Information and facts about the praying mantises 1 ear

• Measure and then sketch a life sized picture of your mantid

• Praying mantis acrostic poem

• A selection of praying mantis coloring, sketching and writing pages

• PRAYing or PREYing? Information on how the mantis got its name

• Learn more about the praying mantises ‘raptorial legs’ and then sketch

• I read……. Share your top 3 most interesting facts from your favourite non-fiction praying mantis book

• What do praying mantis like to eat?

• 10 praying mantis challenges (Watch ‘A Bugs Life’ and look out for the praying mantis! Make a triangular shaped praying mantis face mask with huge eyeballs to wear. Take a photo of yourself for your booklet. Find an ootheca to watch over time. When do you think it was laid? When do you think it will hatch?

• Look at a praying mantis under a magnifying glass and sketch

• Is your mantis a male or a female? Tips on how to spot the difference

• Off with its head! Information about the infamous cannibalistic nature of the female mantis

• PREYing – what does your mantis like to eat? What preys on your local species?

• Eaten alive? Gory facts about the how the praying mantis eats….

• Did you know the praying mantis is the only insect in the world that can turn its head and look over its shoulder? Facts about the praying mantises head

• Praying mantis facts in numbers (e.g. How many eggs do the females lay? How many pairs of wings do they have? How long do they live…)

• Complete the paint pallete to show the colors you can see on your mantis

• What’s the coolest fact you’ve learned so far? Draw and label

• Use the zoom function on a digital camera to take a close up photo for your booklet

• Record some adjectives to describe your praying mantis